At BISJ we support and promote the development of International Mindedness in all students by:


  •  Teaching students about what it means to be Internationally Minded and inspiring them to embrace its values and principles.

  •  Providing opportunities for students to understand and develop their own sense of individual identity and cultural awareness.

  •  Actively providing opportunities for students to acquire skills and confidence to view the world through the eyes and cultural lens of another and in so doing recognise and be sensitive to cultural differences.

  •  Encouraging students to critically recognise the biases, limitations and restrictions that our own nationality and culture place on our ability to understand/know/communicate with those from other cultures.

  •  Carefully and deliberately teaching about tolerance/acceptance/respect in an approach that promotes the recognition and understanding of international differences

  •  Fostering in our students the knowledge that we are more alike than different and that we share a common respect for humanity in all its forms.