Student Support

In addition to support strategies and accommodations provided through mainstream teaching, the Secondary Section support team aims to tailor provision according to students’ individual learning needs. Currently we offer:

  • Screening assessments for intervention programmes and access arrangements.
  • Evidence based literacy interventions at KS3.
  • Touch-typing intervention, for students eligible to use of laptop in examinations.
  • Access arrangements for external examinations, inclusive of ABRSM, IGCSE, IB and SAT.
  • Assistance in developing effective study habits and organisational systems, to support learning.
  • Individualised study sessions, to support curriculum access.
In addition, for students new to the school, we offer an English Additional Language Programme to support students in:
  • Developing English Language competency, to secure access to the curriculum.
Our counselling service further supports all students in:
  • Personal, social and academic issues e.g. stress management, time management and organisational issues.
Parents are welcome to contact the appropriate member of the support team for advice:
  • Najia Ghani - Specalist Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Extension - 429
  • Melissa Tsiligkeridis - Specialist Teacher - Extension - 429
  • Fatimah Awartani - Specialist Teacher - Extension - 429
  • Jane Lancaster -English Additional Language Teacher - 409
  • Rhiannon Lewis – English Additional Language teacher - 409
  • Kim Lyon -School Counsellor - Extension - 422