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Admin Handbook


Student Assignments



The Environment Commiittee


Matias Santacruz Combating the increase in magnitude of sea pollution
Matias Santacruz Designing and implementing a response to the rapid rise of Dengue Fever cases in South East Asia
Lara Radojcic Developing measures to reduce the impact of globalization and industrialization to the environment


The Disarmament Committee


Marium Trunkwala  Curbing illegal supply of weapons to terrorist organisations
Jed El Ghali  International arrangements to prevent first strike nuclear use


Human Rights Committee

Imran Binzagr Promoting religious freedom in the Middle East
Imran Binzagr Ensuring the human rights of migrants while they are in transit
Imran Binzagr Addressing the issue of child labour globally

Political Committee

Shanzay Waseem The Question of Hong Kong
Shanzay Waseem Occupation and Settler Activity in the Palestine Territories
Waleed Iqbal The Question of Kashmir


Special Conference 

Lara Radojcic         Development of strategies to prevent regional spillover of crisis between neighboring countries
Omar Sayed Ahmed The reduction of corruption in the implementation of strategic development goals


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