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In the Secondary Section of BISJ the question "Am I the best I can be?" is central to all that we do. As a learning community we strive to be open to feedback and reflective, for only through these two attributes can we truly grow. 

We also believe passionately in the BISJ vision of learning to learn, learning to lead and learning to live. Learning is a holistic experience and we want our students to leave as well rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to society. This means that learning at BISJ goes beyond the classroom with a broad range of after-school clubs, trips, sports and events that aid the social and emotional growth of our students. We also have a strong pastoral programme and there are a number of special days during the year where all of Senior School come together with a focus on holistic education.

 I am proud that we have an experienced, well qualified and professional staff that have high standards and expectations. The question “Am I the best I can be?” applies to us as a school and staff just as much as the students. We are continually striving to improve and ensure we are using the best practices in education in our classes every day. Our accreditation through CIS and NEASC and the IB requires us to be reviewed regularly by these organisations. This outside review of our self-reflection and improvement plans allow us to say with confidence that we are a very good school that is striving for greatness.

Our students are positive, friendly and helpful and come together to form a strong community of learners. The school is a vibrant place that seeks to allow students to take responsibility for their learning, behaviour and development. It is always a pleasure to see just how far an individual can progress when he or she is given the opportunity to take on responsibility both personally and in groups.

It is a privilege to be the Head Teacher of the BISJ Secondary Section and I would recommend a visit to see for yourself.

Damian Gray - Head Teacher Secondary Section

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