Primary School Library

The Primary School Library serves the community with an ever growing collection of books, reference materials and online resources, and utilises the Oliver automated system which is part of the school network. Students have access to nine computer workstations as well IPad minis. The Library aims to promote and embrace a reading culture at BISJ, which will nurture curiosity and extend research skills.

The Lower Primary Library is open to parents and care givers at designated times throughout the week, during this time they are welcome to borrow books to share with their child. Once joining the Library, books may be borrowed to enhance the pleasure of reading at home. Whilst in the Upper Primary, students are encouraged to visit throughout the day, including break times.

As part of their regular timetable, both Lower and Upper Primary classes visit the Library every week where they can borrow a ‘Just Right Book’ or a book of which is of interest to them. This also includes a range of Arabic books within the Upper Primary.

BISJ Primary Library supports a number of colourful, special events throughout the school year, including, Book Week celebrations, Book Clubs and Fairs.

 Primary Students having fun in the Library 

Primary Library Gallery