We would like to use this page to thank our sponsors and show our appreciation for their support that helps students to stage many high quality events throughout the year.  Things such as school shows, sporting events, charity events all of which enrich the curriculum and add significantly to being able to accomplish our vision and mission.  We are extremely grateful for our sponsors on-going support and look forward to sharing some of the events and our sponsors on this page.

Latest Sponsor News

SAIKAC U16 Volleyball 20th -21st October 2016 -Thank you to Al Rabie for sponsoring the U16 Volleyball Kits for the SAIKAC event.  There were 7 teams playing over 2 days with over 60 games of Volleyball.

1 collage

Stingrays Swim Meet 29th September 2016

Stingrays have a new sponsor Mad Wave LTD who are an international manufacturer and distributor of swimwear and swim-related gear.  Here are some photos from Stingrays first swim meet.

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13th March 2016 - Sponsors: Universal Motors Agencies

Stingrays Swim Team travelled to Dubai for the Swim Championships.  Universal Motors Agencies sponsored the teams outfits.  Stingrays had great results 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 3 Bronze from 16 swimmers.  

Group photo of Stingrays BSME 2016

5th March 2016 - Sponsors: Nespresso, LG, Faces and Sipco

The CAFA team (Cancer Awareness and Fundraising Association) consisting of five students who held a CAFA Coffee Morning and raffle on 5th March 2016. The morning and donations raised in excess of 50,000 SAR which will go towards supporting those in the Gari medical centre who are unable to pay for their cancer treatment and medication.