Admissions for 2022/2023 Academic Year

Applications for children who have brothers and sisters in the school will start on Monday 06th December 2021.

Applications for admission for the 2022/2023 academic year starting August 2022 will open for all year groups from YN and above on Monday 10th January 2022.

If you wish to apply, parents may

  •  Collect the applications from the Registrar’s office or
  •  Register your interest through the school’s website to receive the application forms. Please find the link below

Register interest



Admission Details:

As the school is a designated British Community School authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Education, priority for admissions is given to British passport holders. However, the school also welcomes applications from non-British families. Placement in classes is based on a cut-off date of 31st August and allocation to a particular class or year group can only be authorised by the Director and/or Head of School.

It is vital before applying for admission for their children that parents read, understand and are supportive of the school's mission, philosophy, objectives and acceptance of the school’s policies. These statements underpin all that goes on in the school and are a clear indication to parents as to our approach to education.

Tuition Fees:  School fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are an annual fee. For ease and convenience of payment, the annual fee is divided into two payments and invoiced on a semester basis.

  • The first semester school fees are payable on or prior to Sunday 21 August 2022.

  • The second semester school fees are payable on or prior to Sunday 8 January 2023.

Parents of existing students can contact the business office in case of difficulty. School fees must be settled before the start of each semester, in order to allow the school to issue any school report or any other document or before a student can be accepted to attend the following academic year.

Seat Deposits: (YN-Y11):    In order for existing students to secure a place at the school for the next academic year, a non-refundable seat deposit per family is payable on request. This deposit will be deductible from the first semester’s fees. SAR 3,450 (inclusive of VAT)


school fees

School Fees 2022-2023

Entry Fees: (Non-Refundable)  Net Amount
Application Fee  SAR 403
Assessment Fee  SAR 978
Entrance Fee  SAR 17,250


 Year Group  Per Semester




 Primary Section:
 Nursery (YN)- Year N  SAR 18,975.00 SAR 37,950.00
 Early Learning (YE) - Year YE  SAR 25,932.50 SAR 51,865.00
 Year R   SAR 32,200.00 SAR 64,400.00
 Year 1 - Year 6  SAR 32,315.00 SAR 64,630.00
 Secondary Section:
 Year 7 and Year 9  SAR 39,571.50 SAR 79,143.00
 Year 10 and Year 11  SAR 42,883.50 SAR 85,767.00
 IB1 and IB2  SAR 49,047.50 SAR 98,095.00

*All amounts are inclusive of 15% VAT.

*VAT will not be applicable to Saudi students

The entry and tuition fees shown above are for the stated academic year only and are subject to revision and re-structuring from time to time.

If your son or daughter joins the school in a subsequent academic year; the prevailing fee structure and levels will be payable.

Tuition fee - Discounts:

A discount of 10% will be allowable against BISJ school tuition fees (not including Music or Examination fees) for the third and subsequent children (as determined by chronological age) in any one family

Examination Fees

There are separate charges for public examination fees, such as those for (I)GCSEs and the IB Diploma Programme. These charges will be included in the Second Semester’s invoice for IB exams and invoiced separately during Term 3 for (I)GCSE’s exams.

Late / Unpaid Fees:

Fees must be paid before the start of the term and if not paid the school will refer to its internal policy and to regulations.

If academic fees are not settled on time students will not be re-admitted in the following academic year. School reports will not be issued if fees are unpaid.

Parents of existing students can contact the school to arrange a payment plan in case of difficulty. If fees are unpaid and/or the payment plan is not adhered to additional measures related to attendance will be taken. However school fees must be settled before the end of each semester, before issuing any school reports or any other document and before a student is accepted to attend the following academic year.

School fees are annual fees and should be paid in advance. However for convenience fees can be paid in two installments.

  •  Revised school fees for 2023/2024 to follow

Our Admissions Department can provide you with further information about the school, answer any questions and when you are in Jeddah, show you around our wonderful school. 

Our Registration Office is open for appointments from 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.from Sunday to Thursday. 

In order to make an appointment you can contact us on:

Phone:  +966 12 283 4600 Ext 219 or Ext 220

You can also contact us through the Contact Page on this website.